Who we are?

Askbhabi is the sensible choice for the modern professional Sikhs in the UK, who desire to complete their life with the right marriage partner. Here at Ask Bhabi, we offer a vital service to the Sikh community, a service that traditionally, everyone would have turned to their bhabis for! This is where we come in: Ask Bhabi is a bespoke matchmaking service for the Sikh community


Our matchmaking service is inspired by the traditional values, but without losing sight of the modern challenges and complexities of finding a partner in today’s changing world


Plus Package

True love can be hard to find. You can leave your love life to chance or kick-start your love life with our Plus package.
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Premier Package

Honed and refined through hundreds of successful matches, premier package guarantees the highest success rate. Our premier members leave us happy and in love

What our members are saying!

All our members will leave us happy and in love. We have more than 90% success rate.

About Saranjit Kandola

Saranjit Kandola envisioned and designed bespoke Sikh matchmaking service to meet the needs of the UK Sikh community, using traditional values while acknowledging the challenges of matchmaking in in the modern world.

Saranjit Kandola is of course of Sikh origin just like you, and has extensive experience of working with a diverse range of people from the community to seek out and place the perfect matches for every client. Saranjit understands not only the nature of human communication and relationships, but also, the unique challenges and issues that can arise for Sikhs in the Western world when looking for the perfect match.

In her career prior to Askbhabi she has been in management positions at several blue-chip companies and has been involved heavily with recruitment and selection, which relates with what she does at Ask Bhabi, finding you your perfect match!